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What is the Daily Prophetic Word?  These will be short, uplifting messages and principles to help you personally awaken to what God is doing on a daily basis. They are unique messages to give you some direction, enlightenment or confirmation of what God is doing in that day.


Jeremy Lopez



Brother Jeremy, I'm just "shocked," or should I? What accuracy? What precision the words that I've been getting. Thank You Lord My Father. To Brother Jeremy I say, God bless you for coming into my life. This season by His Grace, you will definitely hear from me for supporting and encouraging me in this my desert seasons. Thanks a lot.
Thank You Prophet Jeremy Lopez for such an accurate Prophetic Word! - Lidell

These Words are fantastic, they will bless everyone who reads them, thanks so much! - Mary S.
You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate your work! - Monica 

Wow! You don't know how accurate you are with this word Jeremy. Prayers have just been answered and it's only 1:45pm. Looking for more to be answered throughout the day! Yay! - Pauline

'Needed to be reminded of that today!  Thanks Jeremy!'  - Kelly H.

'Thank you. I know He believes in me.  It is wonderful to be encouraged by the Lord and His people.' - Anna

'Really fun getting these morning emails!' - Mary B.

'Thank you so much.' - Laura

'Since I've received these words, I've been waking up each hour in the am to see if I've received the days word!!  I've told my friend about it as well and signed her up. Thanks sooo much!!' - Lindsey H.


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